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Our Privacy Policy

(last update: May 2018)


Information we gather

We do not collect personal information from users visiting our website. By using our email contact form we have access to your email address, we will never sell, trade, or give your email address to a third party.


How we use the information we gather

We use the information to enhance your visitor experience. We do not track your activities or use cookies to collect information about our visitors.


The people that are given access to this information

Your personal information is accessible to our business manager. At this point the only information collected online is your name and email address. This information is used to contact you. Information is "collected" only as a means to contact you.


The security measures we have in place to protect your personal information

In order to keep your personal information safe we do not collect sensitive information about you.


Our use of cookies

We do not use cookies to track you or collect information about you.

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